Reshaping Strategy Around Supply Chain Resilience

As supply chain disruptions become the new normal, companies are rethinking their supply chain strategy around resilience. HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt discusses what that means, and how businesses can plan a robust strategy.

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Tech Debt – Pay Me Now or Way More Later

Aging and obselete technology can pose significant risk to businesses. HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan discusses how business can avoid the pitfalls of tech debt and plan for their IT modernization here.

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Physical Retail Experiences Needed to Succeed in an Omni-Channel World

Despite the appeal of online and mobile shopping, in-store retail is making a comeback. HPA Partner Richard Berger, Senior Retail Advisor Phil Arrata, and Senior Project Leader Andy Fennell discuss how retailers can deliver an exciting customer experience and succeed in an omni-channel world.

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The Desire to Hire is on Fire. But Don’t Get Too Excited.

Work and the workforce are changing in the US – with important lessons emerging in the shifting power dynamics between employers and employees. HPA Partner Richard Berger explores the reasons behind the current labor dynamics and how companies are responding.

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Whistling by the Graveyard: A Cautionary Tale for Businesses

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan examines why many companies that were labelled “too big to fail” often did, and what businesses can do to avoid succumbing to market shifts and competitive pressures over time.

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Enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture: The (Frequently) Missing Link

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan discusses the importance of Enterprise Architecture, why it’s so often overlooked, and three things companies can do to get on the right track.

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holiday ecommerce 2021

Holiday eCommerce 2021: A Season of Optimism, Constraints, and Pragmatism

For eCommerce businesses that want to make the most of year-end sales despite supply chain disruption and an ongoing pandemic, here are a few things to consider as you enter Holiday 2021.

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Q&A: Meredith Sandland on The Future of Food

Our Q&A with HPA Advisor Meredith Sandland takes a close look at the changes transforming the restaurant industry and explores her new book, Delivering the Digital Restaurant.

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Small Acquisitions, Big Deal

The cumulative impact of “string-of-pearls” acquisitions – or regularly paced, small to moderately sized acquisitions – has statistically created more value than the occasional large M&A effort. Here we discuss three compelling reasons this approach to M&A has proven its worth.

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IT Optimization: A Simple Framework for Asset Management

HPA’s IT Asset Management framework, by HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt, presents a simple conceptual approach that provides an effective model for engaging the organization. It has helped many clients get organized and act on a no-regrets agenda for more effective asset management.

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