IT Optimization: A Simple Framework for Asset Management

HPA’s IT Asset Management framework, by HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt, presents a simple conceptual approach that provides an effective model for engaging the organization. It has helped many clients get organized and act on a no-regrets agenda for more effective asset management.

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M&A Synergies

The Brief on M&A Synergies

When it comes to M&A, analyzing a variety of synergy scenarios and their estimated impact on the value of the new entity is a critical step in ensuring you’ve chosen the right company and established the right acquisition price. Cost, revenue, and capital are at the top of the list of synergy sources – we explore each here.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Strategic Rationales

Top 3 Strategic Rationales for Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to considering whether M&A is right for your business, the first effort comes down to identifying your rationale for undergoing what can be a lengthy and often intimidating process. Explore the three most common rationales here.

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Success Factors for “Acrobatic” Strategic Planning

HPA COO Justin Moser outlines key success factors involved in Acrobatic Strategic Planning, one positive effect that evolved through the pandemic: a more relevant, time-flexible approach to developing winning strategy.

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Tuesday TouchPoints

During this unique time, we are sharing a diverse set of content that is helpful to those managing through volatility, working from home, or just connecting. Our Tuesday Touchpoints series shares thinking from various HPA leaders on what the health crisis means to you in education, finance, retail, strategy, and everyday life.

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Prioritizing the “S” in ESG

Mark Feldman, Founder & Managing Director of Cause Consulting, offers insight on the social component of the Environmental, Social, and Governance model. Mark’s “S-Five,” or five keys to maximizing your work in the Social arena, serve as a rubric for this time when social impact is more front-of-mind than ever.

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Wealth & Asset Management Post-Pandemic: What Sticks & How to Thrive

HPA Project Leader Peter Fisher reflects on three uncertain dynamics influencing the future path for Wealth & Asset Management, identifying drivers of change, predicting which changes will be permanent, and offering advice for leaders on how to adapt and thrive in the new environment.

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power dynamics

Emerging Power Dynamics Between Employers and Employees

HPA Partner Richard Berger explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced positive workplace changes for many workers, shifting the employer-employee power balance and acting as a catalyst for long-needed improvements in work/life balance. Richard also examines the effects of the pandemic on our most vulnerable (essential) workers, who are perhaps the most impacted and yet the least protected.

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Contingency Planning for the Next Worst-Case Scenario: The Insurance Edition

HPA Senior Advisor Katie Liebel shares insights for both consumers and insurance carriers, given the unprecedented and ongoing global pandemic.

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Diversity inclusion corporate level representation

Holding White Male Executives Accountable for Diversity and Inclusion

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt has a challenge for white men in leadership: Hold yourself and those who work for you accountable for becoming active participants in making diversity happen.

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