Wealth & Asset Management Post-Pandemic: What Sticks & How to Thrive

HPA Project Leader Peter Fisher reflects on three uncertain dynamics influencing the future path for Wealth & Asset Management, identifying drivers of change, predicting which changes will be permanent, and offering advice for leaders on how to adapt and thrive in the new environment.

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power dynamics

Emerging Power Dynamics Between Employers and Employees

HPA Partner Richard Berger explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced positive workplace changes for many workers, shifting the employer-employee power balance and acting as a catalyst for long-needed improvements in work/life balance. Richard also examines the effects of the pandemic on our most vulnerable (essential) workers, who are perhaps the most impacted and yet the least protected.

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Contingency Planning for the Next Worst-Case Scenario: The Insurance Edition

HPA Senior Advisor Katie Liebel shares insights for both consumers and insurance carriers, given the unprecedented and ongoing global pandemic.

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Diversity inclusion corporate level representation

Holding White Male Executives Accountable for Diversity and Inclusion

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt has a challenge for white men in leadership: Hold yourself and those who work for you accountable for becoming active participants in making diversity happen.

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Define Digital Transformation for Your Company

HPA Team Leader Carlson Choi outlines five questions to ask at the start of a digital transformation – and offers insight on the best path forward.

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K-12 EdTech Go-to-Market Segmentation

An EdTech provider in hyper-growth mode sought customer segmentation and go-to-market assessment to improve sales and marketing effectiveness and productivity.

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responding to a changing healthcare landscape

Why I’m Cautiously Optimistic about the COVID-19 Vaccine

HPA consultant Derrell Porter, M.D. shares his cautiously optimistic outlook on vaccine rollout and the challenges facing the effort.

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Doing the Right Thing: Survival isn’t Enough

HPA Consultant John King discusses customer value mid-pandemic: survival is not enough; rather, businesses still need to plan their value proposition and corresponding growth proactively.

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3 Ways 2021 (and Beyond) Will Be Different

HPA Partner Richard Berger reflects on the lasting changes wrought by the events of 2020, and shares predictions for how business (and life) will remain forever changed.

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holiday ecommerce 2021

A Retail Guide to Navigating an Unprecedented Holiday Season

While 2020 has been a year full of surprises, one thing is crystal clear: The 2020 holiday retail season will be one for the books. To navigate these industry uncertainties, Fashion Retailers and Brands will need to think creatively and act quickly to survive. Here are insights and actions HighPoint Associates is sharing with its clients in this sector…

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