EPMO discussing enterprise-wide initiatives in a pandemic

Molecular Diagnostics Opportunity Assessment

A medical diagnostics company sought to increase penetration in the rising molecular diagnostics market through organic or inorganic growth strategies. They sought an outside partner to conduct an opportunity assessment.

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How to Set Up a High-Performing PMO

Assuming a strategic plan is sound, there are many factors that determine the success of a company’s change initiative. Oversight from a Project Management Office (PMO), enables a strong path for success and provide early warnings when a project is derailed and work to help get it back on track.

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National Healthcare Services Group Back-Office Consolidation and Integration

An industry-leading, technology-driven healthcare services organization sought a management consulting partner to accelerate, design, and support the consolidation and integration of several of their back-office operation centers across multiple geographies. Working with the client to first prioritize billing office integration, our team then began to assess the healthcare client’s current and target systems, rollout plan, resources, and project management approach.

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Strategic Planning for Global Investment Firm

A multi-billion dollar global investment, development, and management firm sought a highly effective and experienced partner to support its first long-term strategic planning effort.

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Market Assessment and Portfolio Strategy for Global Beauty Business

A multi-billion-dollar, global branded beauty goods firm and retailer, sought external partnership to drive a comprehensive market landscape assessment across the U.S. to develop its optimal portfolio strategy and identify organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

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PMO Resourcing the High Performing PMO

Resourcing the High-Performing PMO

For companies in the midst of transformation, a Project Management Offices (PMO) is typically viewed as a necessary expense that should be run as lean as possible. However, we believe a well-run Project Management Office has the power to bring structure, focus, and speed to enterprise-wide change initiatives and process improvements.

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Strategic Plan Align Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

How to Align Business Unit Strategy with Corporate Strategy

It cannot be emphasized enough that corporate strategy must be developed with Business Unit leadership involvement. Here we discuss how corporate leadership and Business Units can promote mutual understanding and alignment with the enterprise strategy at each level.

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Key Steps for Post-Merger Integration Success

In Part 2 of his article on post-merger integration, HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt outlines eight principles that impact how well the merger integration plays out.

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post-merger success cohesive mindset in a new organization

Promoting a Cohesive Mindset in a Newly Merged Business

Within any organization, groupthink can be detrimental if it stymies creativity and innovation, discounts individual opinions, inhibits engagement, and undermines moral. While the semantics may appear to be similar, having a cohesive mindset is something quite different. Ensuring your organization shifts its old identity to the new identity takes some effort. Here we discuss a framework to promote success.

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Why Intentions Matter in Making Mergers Work

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt explores key themes in laying the foundation for post-merger success, and establishes that an understanding of what the combined entity must achieve at the outset directly impacts merger results.

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