Strategic Plan Align Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

How to Align Business Unit Strategy with Corporate Strategy

It cannot be emphasized enough that corporate strategy must be developed with Business Unit leadership involvement. Here we discuss how corporate leadership and Business Units can promote mutual understanding and alignment with the enterprise strategy at each level.

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Key Steps for Post-Merger Integration Success

In Part 2 of his article on post-merger integration, HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt outlines eight principles that impact how well the merger integration plays out.

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post-merger success cohesive mindset in a new organization

Promoting a Cohesive Mindset in a Newly Merged Business

Within any organization, groupthink can be detrimental if it stymies creativity and innovation, discounts individual opinions, inhibits engagement, and undermines moral. While the semantics may appear to be similar, having a cohesive mindset is something quite different. Ensuring your organization shifts its old identity to the new identity takes some effort. Here we discuss a framework to promote success.

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Why Intentions Matter in Making Mergers Work

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt explores key themes in laying the foundation for post-merger success, and establishes that an understanding of what the combined entity must achieve at the outset directly impacts merger results.

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RACI Matrix - bringing structure to projects and processes

Addressing the Cooks in the Kitchen: RACI Matrices

Some business tools are so simple, it’s easy to be suspect of their effectiveness. RACI, a responsibility and decision clarification matrix that brings both structure and accountability to projects and processes, is one of them.

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Building Analytics Capabilities for Greater Optimization and ROI

All roads lead to data. Or rather, when it comes to insightful decision-making, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and outperforming competitors, all roads lead with data.

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responding to a changing healthcare landscape

Responding to the Changing Healthcare Landscape

There is broad agreement that the U.S. healthcare market has structural challenges that need correcting: Cost of healthcare is the highest in the world and has been growing faster than GDP for decades. So, what should a healthcare provider, payer, or services and technology company do to win in this evolving landscape? How should a healthcare player develop its call-to-action?

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Strategic plan vs business plan learn the difference

Strategic Planning vs. Business Planning. Yes, There’s a Difference.

Too often when companies embark on a strategic plan, the results are disappointing. A common error involves assembling a long-term business plan, calling it a strategic plan, and complaining about how the exercise is mostly ‘financial,’ with limited use beyond the one-time rollup.  So, what’s causing these frequent unsatisfactory results?

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Using competitive intelligence in developing business strategy

Are You Competitively Intelligent? You Should Be, If You’re Shaping Business Strategy

Strategy is all about choice. At its foundation, business strategy comes down to decisive prioritization of what your organization will and won’t do in order to achieve its desired goals and outcomes. Landing on the choices and priorities that underpin any strategy requires insights inherently formed by a number of factors including the integration of competitive intelligence, which in our experience is often neglected or even discredited.

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Modernizing IT Infrastructure In Support of Your Business Strategy

Beyond upgrading and reducing redundancies of an IT Infrastructure that is outdated, incorporating any (or all, if appropriate) of our recommended foundational areas into your IT infrastructure-layer strategy promises greater agility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security, while also helping your business deliver on its down-selected imperatives.

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