Our Core Values

Our Core Values

OPI – Ownership, Pride, Impact

Own what we do. Take Pride in doing it. Realize that it has Impact. Each and everything we do is important. No matter
what it is, our work is directly seen and acted upon by clients and by our team. This is not something we fear, but something
we embrace.

Next Level

We challenge ourselves, we challenge each other, we challenge our clients. At HPA there are no sacred cows. Our team thrives in the uncomfortable. We push each other to the best questions, approaches, and solutions. Our team expects their opinions, thoughts and voices to be heard and respected.

Breaking The Mold

We are all entrepreneurs at HPA. No one individual does one thing, we do everything. The next big thing from HPA can come
from any one of us. The next big thing can start from the smallest perceived change. We don’t say “no,” we say “how.”


We are honest and upfront with each other – whether peers, superiors or direct reports – while still respecting one another. We provide an environment that is inclusive, supportive and fun. We recognize a job well done, provide constructive feedback and push each other to achieve greatness.

HighPoint Associates

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