Four Principles for Successful Strategic Planning

An impactful Strategic Plan centers on making strategic choices around a company’s most critical go-forward imperatives, and then aligning its executive team and resourcing around those decisive imperatives.

If your company is contemplating a strategic planning effort, HighPoint Associates recommends four core principles to help sidestep pitfalls and get meaningful value out of the effort.

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Extension Mergers

In his 2 part article, HPA Senior Advisor, Alex Nesbitt, explores the inherent complexities of roll-up mergers and discusses potential solutions to drive value in one of the most successful business growth models historically.
Part 1: Why Roll-Ups Succeed or Fail
Part 2: Secrets to Success in Industry Roll-Ups

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2017 Perspectives and a Look Ahead

While 2017 was many things to many people, our job is to make sense of it for our clients and collaborators. One of the ways we do this is through the voices of our Senior Advisors, the personification of our commitment to strategic and operational expertise within our firm.

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