IT and Business: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

October 24, 2023 - In today's business landscape, fostering a strong and trusting relationship between the IT function and other business unit leaders is crucial.

However, in HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan's experience, there's often dysfunctional dynamics between these groups that can get in the way of a productive partnership. In our latest blog, Bob explores a few causes of this relationship breakdown and how to overcome them.

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Strategic Planning

A PE-owned, multi-billion dollar global software security service provider sought to develop a strategic plan and go-forward strategy for the company’s most profitable division but needed additional resources to do so.

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Go-to-Market Strategy and Pricing Optimization

A high-growth, mid-size online specialty retailer was looking to attack larger competitors and needed to develop a robust go-to-market strategy and pricing structure.

HighPoint deployed a team led by a former BCG Partner with extensive e-commerce experience and a former LEK senior consultant from that firm’s retail practice.

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Sales and Marketing Strategy

When a PE-backed B2B services provider in the education industry was faced with declining growth that jeopardized their projections and growth targets, they hired a new CEO. Along with an onboarding process, the firm sought a new sales and marketing strategy to realign with their ambitious goals.

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Post-Merger Integration and Cost Reduction

When an industry-leading gaming and electronic systems and products company merged with a complementary player of equal size, the company sought integration assistance and cost reduction. Functions across IT, supply chain, product teams, and more required the identification of synergies and opportunities to consolidate operations of the two organizations.

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