Sales and Marketing Strategy

When a PE-backed B2B services provider in the education industry was faced with declining growth that jeopardized their projections and growth targets, they hired a new CEO. Along with an onboarding process, the firm sought a new sales and marketing strategy to realign with their ambitious goals.

HighPoint was engaged and deployed a team of two former McKinsey consultants, both with extensive experience in K12 education and subscription businesses to develop a model of the customer’s discounted lifetime value (DLTV) and customer acquisition costs across different channels. The HighPoint-led analysis showed that certain sales channels had extremely high ROIs, while others were much less valuable.

Based on this work, the company decided to greatly expand the reach of these high-value channels. Further analyses asserted the discount was adding significant value to the business in the medium-to-long term.

The final deliverable included preliminary design documents for agile tests that would enable the company to quickly evaluate the economic potential of new products, promotions, and sales channels.