Small Acquisitions, Big Deal

The cumulative impact of “string-of-pearls” acquisitions – or regularly paced, small to moderately sized acquisitions – has statistically created more value than the occasional large M&A effort. Here we discuss three compelling reasons this approach to M&A has proven its worth.

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Four Principles for Successful Strategic Planning

An impactful Strategic Plan centers on making strategic choices around a company’s most critical go-forward imperatives, and then aligning its executive team and resourcing around those decisive imperatives.

If your company is contemplating a strategic planning effort, HighPoint Associates recommends four core principles to help sidestep pitfalls and get meaningful value out of the effort.

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strategy-execution accelerate scale your strategic imperatives

Accelerate and Scale Your Most Important Initiatives, Efficiently

Let’s assume you’ve worked through your strategic imperatives with decisive prioritization, calling out what you clearly will and will not invest in for the next 12-18 months, as part of your 3-year (+) aspirations. From those few decisive strategic imperatives, you have an execution mandate for both in-year initiatives and multi-year executions. Typically, at least a portion of those imperatives requires significant changes or new processes within your operations.

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