Reshaping Strategy Around Supply Chain Resilience

As supply chain disruptions become the new normal, companies are rethinking their supply chain strategy around resilience. HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt discusses what that means, and how businesses can plan a robust strategy.

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IT Optimization: A Simple Framework for Asset Management

HPA’s IT Asset Management framework, by HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt, presents a simple conceptual approach that provides an effective model for engaging the organization. It has helped many clients get organized and act on a no-regrets agenda for more effective asset management.

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Diversity inclusion corporate level representation

Holding White Male Executives Accountable for Diversity and Inclusion

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt has a challenge for white men in leadership: Hold yourself and those who work for you accountable for becoming active participants in making diversity happen.

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next normal managing whipsaw volatility

Managing the Whipsaw: Planning for the Next Normal

As we look ahead (even if it’s just a month at a time!), HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt suggests we borrow three practices from supply chain organizations for managing through volatility.

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Extension Mergers: Secrets to Success in Industry Roll-ups

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt’s valuable insight on extension mergers continues. Read Part 2 here.

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Extension Mergers Why Roll-ups Succeed or Fail Alex Nesbitt

Extension Mergers: Why Roll-ups Succeed or Fail

Extension mergers, often referred to as roll-ups, have historically been one of the most successful business growth models. Whether pursued to extend geography, markets, products, or some combination of these, such mergers focus primarily on revenue synergies. They have fueled impressive growth for companies like Cisco and IBM, who have used their extensive sales and distribution networks to, in turn, drive sales of products from hundreds of small acquisitions.

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The Importance of Post-Merger Integration Checklists

During an acquisition, the most effective and efficient way to ensure everything that needs to happen does is quite simple: a checklist. Or rather, in this case, two: a Take Control Checklist and an Integration Checklist.

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M&A Synergies

Pulling the Pin: Top 3 Signs It Might Be Time to Kill the Acquisition

If you’re approaching an M&A activity, or you’ve already done your due diligence, read here for some behaviors you should be aware of–and avoid.

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5 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your PMO

A well-run Project Management Office has the power to bring structure, focus, and speed to enterprise-wide change initiatives and process improvements. Building an effective PMO that adds value starts with staffing the PMO with talented, organizationally savvy personnel who know how to get things done.

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