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Inflation Matters: It’s Time for the Back-to-Value Agenda

Rethinking strategy to reprioritize near-term value creation over longer-term speculative growth is the new imperative. If this is something your business is undertaking or considering it, HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt has seven areas in your business to take a close look at.

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HPA Stories: Kicking Off Our Team Features Series

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, each HPA team member will share their personal story and how it has impacted them professionally at HPA. We look forward to sharing these stories with you as part of our celebration of the people at the core of our business.

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Recession-Proofing: Start Now

Even if your business is prepared for volatility, our recommendation is that you start thinking about how you can be proactive within your own purview – today. While we aren’t in a recession crisis yet, the returns of preparing now with agility are higher than the costs of potential distraction.

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Reshaping Strategy Around Supply Chain Resilience

As supply chain disruptions become the new normal, companies are rethinking their supply chain strategy around resilience. HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt discusses what that means, and how businesses can plan a robust strategy.

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“I’m not sure how we ran our business without your analytics and insights beforehand. You’ve debunked a lot of myths and really helped us shape the right direction on how we accelerate growth with our organic go-to-market and with our acquisition approach.”

“Our Chairman (from PE firm) said his private equity firm should take this playbook and replicate it with their other portfolio companies.  The work was not academic, but rather tangible and value additive on the go do. Your work was referenced 5 times in our Board meeting from various leadership team members – I would call that huge impact. And our CEO wants the work captured in an ongoing dashboard so we keep measuring progress against the clear direction.”



Platform Technology Firm

“HighPoint provided us with a consultant with broad business knowledge and skill, and a calm approach under pressure, who worked with our team to deliver a breakthrough five year strategic plan, clearly articulating key business model changes required to accelerate growth. He quickly understood a complex business and market, and was able to seamlessly integrate with a senior cross functional team to deliver results. The team delivered a concise, articulate strategic plan that convinced the C-suite to make critical changes thanks in large part to the HighPoint consultant’s leadership within the team.”


Global Franchise Director

Multibillion Healthcare Company

“We have partnered with HighPoint on a number of efforts in the last two years and have been consistently impressed by the quality of their consultants, the impact of their work and how well they interact with our executives. HighPoint consultants have helped lead key projects in areas as diverse as brand strategies, European pricing, retail excellence and supply chain optimization. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.”


Vice President of Strategy

Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

“After a very successful and extensive history of providing non-profit healthcare services, we looked to HighPoint to help revamp our service offerings and incorporate technological advancements that were driving the healthcare services industry. HighPoint was named as our firm of choice after a very in-depth analysis of competing consulting firms. Our decision to utilize HighPoint was well founded, and produced stellar results in the planning and executing of business models that will carry us well into the future, leaving us poised to remain an industry leader.”


Vice President

$1B Healthcare Services Company

“The HighPoint team was able to quickly come up-to-speed with our industry and dive into our pressing business situation to assess our strategic options in a market as complex as China. Moreover, they understood the tradeoffs and identified nuances and always focused on prescribing actionable strategies. The deliverable and advice was outstanding and the consultants were smart and affable.”


Head of Strategy

International Gaming Technology Firm

“HighPoint’s consultant worked closely with our functional leads and global GM to develop the first three-year strategy plan for our recently acquired brand to address key growth issues including international expansion, distribution partnerships and product innovation. The HPA consultant quickly ramped up on our business and kept the strategy planning process moving along to help our management focus on the important issues. The finished strategy plan was very well received by our CEO and the corporate strategy team.”


Vice President, Finance and Strategy

Fortune 100 Luxury Goods Retailer

“HighPoint Associates has worked with us on a number of our portfolio companies. We have used their consultants across industries and functions with great success and, while it seems like they almost always have someone who fits our needs, when they don’t they are not afraid to pass on an opportunity. HighPoint has consistently delivered for us.”


Global Head of Operations

Global Private Equity Firm

“As a niche OTC drug company, we reached the corporate decision to dramatically revise how we segment our consumer base and deliver unique products tailored to each segment. HighPoint was able to quickly and cost-effectively provide us with a highly qualified consultant with an extensive marketing background to conduct both primary and secondary research on our various end consumers and assist us in developing strategies and tactics to address each group. It was invaluable to have additional brainpower laser-focused on developing and articulating our portfolio strategy going forward.”


Vice President of Marketing

Specialty Over-the-Counter Drug Company

“Our company decided to take our business to Latin America. We needed to move quickly and yet needed to study and plan carefully and thoroughly. HighPoint Associates listened carefully to us and to our needs, and provided us with an ideal resource – a consultant who spoke both Spanish and Portuguese, with extensive market entry experience, a real understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, and a keenly analytical mind. It was a perfect fit and the engagement was invaluable in helping us move forward with confidence.”


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Specialty Property/Asset Management Company