Welcome to HighLights – The Changing Shape of Consulting

By: Sumeet Goel

Thanks for stopping by HighPoint Associates’ new HighLights blog. My colleagues and I will be using this space to share our views on the day’s biggest business issues and the critical challenges our customers face. We’ll also spend time discussing disruption, highlighting the new approaches companies are taking to solving their business challenges.

We wanted to kick things off by acknowledging the significant changes that have occurred in how companies work with consulting firms.

The traditional consulting approach of using talented generalists and junior consultants to analyze a company’s problems and present a well-crafted strategy report isn’t always as effective in creating the targeted and technically-grounded solutions that companies need today. This is especially true as the Great Recession has left a legacy of firms disaggregating their consulting work, parceling it out in smaller pieces to more targeted firms, and focusing intensely on understanding exactly what talent & experience they’re getting for their money.

Today, what companies truly value are quick, nimble solutions targeted to specific problems that can be executed efficiently. Sometimes that requires a targeted team of PMI veterans to help merge two companies across multiple functional and product areas, while other times, the need is higher level – an interim executive with decades of tech industry operations experience to head a new product development team. And sometimes it’s as simple as an extra set of hands from a talented healthcare industry professional, supporting a strategic plan to open new markets.

The consulting industry will continue to evolve in the next few years, becoming much less a prix-fixe menu and much more a-la-carte.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey, as we cover the challenges and changes that we encounter along the way.