Manufacturing Plant Consolidation

A PE-backed, family-owned manufacturing company with multiple plants was looking to consolidate its manufacturing operations without compromising customer service, increasing costs, or affecting revenue.

HighPoint was engaged to analyze the client’s operations systems. We put together a team including a former BGC consultant and a former Bain consultant, both of whom had over 30 years of combined operational experience as supply-chain management experts with exposure to lean manufacturing.

The team identified holes in the distribution network and the overall corporate strategy. After analyzing the data, the team laid out a plan to increase the efficiency of the plants, drive the cost of production down, and optimize their distribution channel. The team was able to generate recommendations based on a future state to support the analyses and strategic plan, which the client was able to execute against.

The team also made recommendations to utilize more modern technology and budget for the seasonality of orders due to its nature of work in the educational recognition space. By implementing these measures, it was estimated that fewer plants could be used.