It’s a Small World

By: Richard Berger

What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas.

Incidents and events once considered local issues are spilling over borders and having global repercussions.

  • With sanctions lifted and a massive stockpile waiting, Iran is ready to flood the market with more oil. But the ramifications to an already deflated price per barrel are global in reach.
  • It hasn’t taken long for the Zika virus to spread outside Brazil and the World Health Organization expects it to reach most of North and South America by this summer. No one can even begin to predict its demographic and economic implications.
  • As China’s growth engine falters, so too do the economies worldwide that have relied on that market for endless consumption.
  • Certainly the threat of ISIS is most pronounced in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re sadly waking up to the reality of its global impact.

These are just a few poignant reminders that we’re all in this world together – fiscally, biologically and spiritually – and that we can’t always predict the impact of a single event.