Flex Capacity

By: Richard Berger

We want to revisit the concept of Interim Flex Capacity, a category of work that continues to be in strong demand from our client base. A meaningful percentage of HighPoint’s business has come from clients asking for additional “arms & legs” on a short-term, immediate need basis. When faced with limited budgets and short project cycles where the traditional consulting firm isn’t the right fit, HighPoint is able to deploy an individual (or multiple individuals) as interim surge capacity.

As in past years, we have seen a significant amount of this activity over the past twelve months, spanning industries and functional areas. As you can see from the examples below, HighPoint’s business model, characterized by high quality professionals available on flexible and affordable terms, without long-term commitments, enables our clients to fill urgent needs that, left unattended, may otherwise cause undue stress on the organization:

  • A multi-billion dollar food & beverage company brought in a former consultant from The Boston Consulting Group with significant industry experience to provide additional strategy support in preparation for a Board review of one of the company’s business units
  • Former McKinsey Engagement Manager, who had also served in senior-level positions at several leading CPG and retail companies, ran point on a critical initiative and provided leverage to client executive at a Fortune 1000 CPG firm as she built out her internal team
  • HighPoint deployed an experienced finance resource to act as Interim Vice President of FP&A for a private equity-owned, national specialty retail chain which required last-minute support finalizing their year-end budget as a result of unforeseen staff changes
  • A private equity-owned manufacturing company brought in a former Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group, who had also served in senior level positions with PE-backed mid-market companies, as an interim executive to provide leverage to the CEO and run point on specific initiatives