Strategic Planning for Global Investment Firm


A multi-billion dollar global investment, development, and management firm needed a highly effective and experienced partner to support its first long-term strategic planning effort.


It was imperative that this global firm’s first comprehensive strategic planning initiative account for accelerating change with impacts across all its global asset classes. An effective strategy needed to address the prospects of rising interest rates, increasing trade protectionism, declines in the retail sector, and more restrictive regulatory environments with an emphasis on sustainability.

HPA Solution

HighPoint Associates deployed an elite team led by a former McKinsey Partner who had deep experience leading strategic planning and strategy development initiatives for large-scale organizations. Our consultants partnered with client leadership to deliberate disruptive factors, potential challenges, capital allocation, and the industry landscape. We then benchmarked an industry-leading fact base, developed point of arrival, prioritized scalable levers, and pinpointed central metrics in order to build out the client’s investment practice to include new service and asset areas. After further solving for structural shifts in the underlying core business, our team then translated the client’s strategic plan imperatives and new partner asset management businesses into a refined three-level organizational structure with clear roles aligned across the top five business processes and decision areas.


Upon delivery of HighPoint’s plan to define the client’s multi-level organizational structure and governance cadence for top decision processes, we were retained to lead a smaller team that focused on the particulars of governance, decision specification, and organizational design.

Our work culminated in the hiring of the firm’s first global COO, creation of geographically distributed investment offices to allow for nimble decision-making in an increasingly competitive environment, and consequently, the closing of their largest North American and International deals to date–all within 9 months of our initial involvement.