Molecular Diagnostics Opportunity Assessment


A medical diagnostics company sought to increase penetration in the rising molecular diagnostics market through organic or inorganic growth strategies. They sought an outside partner to conduct an opportunity assessment.


Given the specialized nature of their industry, our client needed a strategy professional with knowledge of existing medical diagnostics technologies and a deep understanding of the cutting-edge molecular diagnostics space. Specific expertise was needed in order to gain perspectives on technologies and verticals that provide opportunities for long-term success, along with competitive assessments of acquisition targets to inform due diligence.

HPA Solution

HighPoint Associates assigned a former McKinsey Engagement Manager and pharmaceutical executive with a PhD in Biology and nearly twenty years of experience leading financing, M&A strategy, and product/business development initiatives for clients across the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Working closely with the client’s internal team, HPA’s consultant was able to present targets in the medical diagnostics industry to the company’s chief executive.


HighPoint Associates identified specific sub-verticals within the molecular diagnostics space that indicated long-term potential. We also recommended two acquisition targets for the company to pursue, both of which met the financial envelope. The client accepted the recommendations and is in the process of pursuing options for further diligence.