Tuesday TouchPoints


You typically hear from us every month or two on recent IP, client observations, and industry insights. During this unique time, we are sharing a more diverse set of content that is helpful to those managing through volatility, working from home, or just connecting. Our Tuesday TouchPoints series shares thinking from various HPA leaders on what the health crisis means to you in education, finance, retail, strategy, and everyday life.

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HPA Project Leader Peter Fisher reflects on three uncertain dynamics influencing the future path for Wealth & Asset Management, identifying drivers of change, predicting which changes will be permanent, and offering advice for leaders on how to adapt and thrive in the new environment.


HPA Partner Richard Berger explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced positive workplace changes for many workers, shifting the employer-employee power balance and acting as a catalyst for long-needed improvements in work/life balance. Richard also examines the effects of the pandemic on our most vulnerable (essential) workers, who are perhaps the most impacted and yet the least protected.

HPA Senior Advisor Katie Liebel shares insights for both consumers and insurance carriers alike, given the unprecedented and ongoing global pandemic.

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt has a challenge for white men in leadership: Hold yourself and those who work for you accountable for becoming active participants in making diversity happen.

HPA Team Leader Carlson Choi outlines five questions to ask at the start of a digital transformation – and offers insight on the best path forward.

Following up to our 2020 Q&A on COVID-19, HPA consultant Derrell Porter, M.D. shares his cautiously optimistic outlook on vaccine rollout and the challenges facing the effort.

HPA Consultant John King discusses customer value mid-pandemic: survival is not enough; rather, businesses still need to plan their value proposition and corresponding growth proactively.

HPA Partner Richard Berger reflects on the lasting changes wrought by the events of 2020, and shares predictions for how business (and life) will remain forever changed.

HPA Consultant Abhinav Chandra shares insights on how fashion retailers and brands will need to adapt to survive the holiday season in a post-COVID world.

HPA Consultant John King discusses the benefits of virtualization for the long haul, and the surprising ways in which your organization might thrive in a remote environment.

HPA COO Justin Moser reflects on the challenges of corporate leadership mid-pandemic, and outlines four timeless principles.

HPA Founder & Managing Director Sumeet Goel reflects on the past six months, and shares his thoughts on how we can work together to come out of this global crisis in our best possible place.

HPA Senior Advisor Alex Nesbitt suggests we borrow three practices from supply chain organizations for managing through volatility as we look ahead.

HPA COO Justin Moser discusses six key shifts in thinking that are key to managing in the midst of a downturn.

HPA Founder & Managing Director Sumeet Goel looks back on our Tuesday TouchPoints series with an insightful reflection on the last 90 days, and perspectives on the new normal.

Our Q&A with HPA Advisor and biopharmaceutical expert Derrell Porter, M.D. looks not only at COVID-19, testing, and possible treatments and vaccines, but also highlights the intersection of healthcare with racial equality, and how those issues are at play in the fight against the virus.

How can companies activate meaningful social impact during COVID-19, and longer-term? Mark Feldman, Founder & Managing Director of Cause Consulting, discusses this important question and outlines six considerations.

Meka Millstone-Shroff, retail executive with over 20 years of experience growing consumer-facing businesses, examines the emerging trends retailers need to adopt – and those they’ll need to let go of – in order to survive shifting consumer needs and evolving safety requirements.

HPA Advisor Katie Liebel shares how both bank customers and banking providers can use the current financial disruption to better position themselves for the long-term, outlining four opportunities for retail banking anchored in the perspective of both the consumer and the banker

HPA Project Leader Peter Fisher outlines implications for wealth and asset managers, and explains how companies must rapidly shift priorities and pursue emerging opportunities in the “new” landscape

HPA Consultant Luiz Zorzella explains why and how banks, insurance companies and investment companies should quickly revisit their fintech strategy in today’s rapidly evolving ecosystem in order to strengthen their position in key markets

HPA Founder Sumeet Goel shares insights from influencers ranging from a psychologist and NYT best-selling author, a Princeton University Dean, the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer of the NBA, longtime CEO and Chairman of Graham Holdings (formerly the Washington Post Company), and the Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, all in the context of our COVID world and the annual Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

HighPoint Senior Advisor Chris Fox discusses how to deal with enterprise-wide initiatives in the context of this pandemic, and recommends companies move faster and reimagine how things are done.

Founder & Managing Director Sumeet Goel discusses the need to Get Moving and accelerate your preparedness for the future new normal, in the face of crisis.

HPA Advisor, strategy consultant and author Robbie Kellman Baxter discusses the importance of focusing on long term customer relationships and predictable, recurring revenue for survival in a time of crisis.

HPA Advisor Meredith Sandland shares insight on current obstacles facing the Food & Beverage industry, explaining how we as consumers can help, and predictions on the lasting influence COVID-19 is likely to have as the industry faces major disruption.

Where will the education system go from here? HPA Consultant Tim DeRoche shares his industry insight and personal experience, outlining some of the current major issues at play for schools and educators and predictions for longer term impacts across the broader education industry.

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan shares his personal framework for a successful virtual office space, and simple but meaningful ways to avoid common frustrations.

HPA COO Justin Moser discusses six key shifts in thinking that are key to managing in the midst of a downturn.

HPA Founder Sumeet Goel contributes to the dialogue on how to cope with COVID-19 with his Peak TV recommendations.