Beyond the Great Resignation: A Data-Driven Approach to the Labor Shortage

On October 20th, HighPoint Associates kicked off our 20th Anniversary Speaker Series. During the lively discussion, HPA Founder & Managing Director Sumeet Goel hosted labor experts Dave Gilbertson, a senior executive at Human Capital Management software market leader UKG, and 20-year labor operations guru John Frehse, to get their insights on a subject that everyone seems to be talking about: the labor market.

If headlines are to be believed, there’s a massive labor shortage due to The Great Resignation, a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite news headlines, the jobs report, sound bites from government agencies, and opinions from a hefty number of economists, this isn’t the case. In fact, the data tells a very different story.

“Everything you think you know about The Great Resignation is wrong” and other top webinar takeaways:

There were so many data-based labor insights and busted myths packed into this hour-long conversation with Dave and John. For example:

  • Negative Engagement doesn’t (and shouldn’t) work. The burden is on leadership to create a positive, productive, inclusive, and fair work environment. This should be a given and yet…
  • The “warm bodies” approach to hiring is the death knell for a business. A company shouldn’t change its hiring criteria just to fill open roles.
  • It’s time to stop being angry about paying more for workers. Yes, wages increased this past year, but so did inflation…by a lot. So effectively, most people got a pay cut.
  • People may not be working for your business, but they’re working. It may feel like there’s a labor shortage, but in fact, we’re at an historically low unemployment rate.
  • When will be get back to pre-pandemic jobs numbers? In many industries, like manufacturing, we already are. Healthcare, which has taken a real hit, is another story. But the real news is (drum roll), we had a labor shortage long before COVID-19. The pandemic just set us back a bit more.
  • Job-hopping (people leaving one job to take another) is the number one issue impacting businesses. This is a very real and concerning trend that can be a result of poor management, not just wages.
  • Are retiring Baby Boomers to blame? Well, they explain a minority of the situation, but certainly not entirely. If lower job participation numbers need to be assigned to one group, it’s the 18 to 24-year-olds who are still living with a parent due to extremely high rents (along with other demographic trends).

If your business is struggling to find top-notch talent, you can access a recording of Beyond the Great Resignation: A Data-Driven Approach to the Labor Shortage for insights – backed up by the data – on what’s really happening with labor, and what employers can and should be doing to recruit and retain employees (hint: It’s not about pay!).

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