Tech Debt – Pay Me Now or Way More Later

Aging and obselete technology can pose significant risk to businesses. HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan discusses how business can avoid the pitfalls of tech debt and plan for their IT modernization here.

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Whistling by the Graveyard: A Cautionary Tale for Businesses

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan examines why many companies that were labelled “too big to fail” often did, and what businesses can do to avoid succumbing to market shifts and competitive pressures over time.

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Enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture: The (Frequently) Missing Link

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan discusses the importance of Enterprise Architecture, why it’s so often overlooked, and three things companies can do to get on the right track.

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Right Way Wrong Way Managing IT

The Right Way or The Wrong Way – How are You Managing IT?

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan discusses the important role of discipline in IT management – and why the “quick and easy” way is rarely either quick or easy in the longer term.

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Common Sense: The Missing Factor in IT Management

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan’s insightful discussion on IT management outlines a few common sense principles supported by project case examples, illustrating the dangers inherent within unorganized and impulsive thinking.

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Planning and Prep: Creating Work From Home Success

HPA Senior Advisor Bob Kaplan shares his personal framework for a successful virtual office space and simple, but meaningful ways to avoid common frustrations.

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