Welcome to HighLights – The Changing Shape of Consulting

Thanks for stopping by HighPoint Associates’ new HighLights blog. My colleagues and I will be using this space to share our views on the day’s biggest business issues and the critical challenges our customers face. We’ll also spend time discussing disruption, highlighting the new approaches companies are taking to solving their business challenges.

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EPMO discussing enterprise-wide initiatives in a pandemic

Agile Strategy

Mention strategy development and most CEOs grit their teeth, imagining months of analysis led by corps of consultants, often with significant cost and a result that doesn’t match where the company and its senior team really sees itself going. Sadly,…

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Can You Keep Overhead Cut?

It’s a classic command from top management. Need to reduce overhead? Just cut 10 percent. How can a company successfully reduce costs and overhead, and keep it cut? Look no further than a process developed almost four decades ago: the…

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