A Strategic Planning Tune-Up for Uncertain Times

April 5, 2022 - Considering the uncertain macro environment and an acceleration of business model shifts, HPA Senior Advisor Katie Liebel & TV Kumaresh share learnings to deliver an effective strategy and related outcomes in today's world. While the strategic planning building blocks remain the same, the process needs adjustments to prosper. Revisit assumptions regularly, align priorities to changing times and drive explicit choices collaboratively.

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Small Acquisitions, Big Deal

The cumulative impact of “string-of-pearls” acquisitions – or regularly paced, small to moderately sized acquisitions – has statistically created more value than the occasional large M&A effort. Here we discuss three compelling reasons this approach to M&A has proven its worth.

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M&A Synergies

The Brief on M&A Synergies

When it comes to M&A, analyzing a variety of synergy scenarios and their estimated impact on the value of the new entity is a critical step in ensuring you’ve chosen the right company and established the right acquisition price. Cost, revenue, and capital are at the top of the list of synergy sources – we explore each here.

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