Berkshire Hathaway Week – Influencer Takeaways

HPA Founder Sumeet Goel shares insights from influencers ranging from a psychologist and NYT best-selling author, a Princeton University Dean, the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer of the NBA, longtime CEO and Chairman of Graham Holdings (formerly the Washington Post Company), and Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, all in the context of our COVID world and the annual Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

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Lessons from the Cannonball Run: Get Moving!

Founder & Managing Director Sumeet Goel discusses the need to Get Moving and accelerate your preparedness for the future new normal, in the face of crisis:

“Think about where you are/were, and the changes you expected would happen over the next 5-10 years…and then realize that these changes will be happening in the next 12-18 months, and you need to get ahead of them, even if you don’t think you can right now.”

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My New Job

Where will the education system go from here? HPA consultant Tim DeRoche shares his industry insight and personal experience, outlining some of the current major issues at play for schools and educators and predictions for longer term impacts across the broader education industry.

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