IT Strategy Importance of Long-Term

Future Matters: The Importance of Developing a Long-Term IT Strategy

Simplifying and thereby becoming more strategic with your IT is a multi-year, enterprise-wide effort that incorporates standardization, optimization, automation, and, as appropriate, virtualization and cloud migration of an organization’s infrastructure, application, and business process layers. The goal is to boost performance efficiently while mitigating compliance and security risks, facilitating new strategic capabilities, and freeing up budget for more strategic spending.

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Major Changes: Ensuring Organizational Buy-In

Obtaining organizational buy-in for major transitions in any organization is a Herculean endeavor, but it can be achieved with a thoughtful approach that considers many factors, including change definition to bi-directional dialogue,  multi-faceted guiding coalitions and communications leads, and incentives. Before you take on the next major change effort, consider these elements.

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TV, Media, and Sports Collide in a Streaming, Cordless World

As March Madness and Spring Training kick off, while the NBA and NHL close another season and the NFL begins drafting, and movie studios and exhibitors ramp up their games, it may be the time for old school diehards to cut the cord. As HPA’s resident guru on all things media and sports related, the team asked me to share my thoughts on these timely topics.

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The Importance of Post-Merger Integration Checklists

During an acquisition, the most effective and efficient way to ensure everything that needs to happen does is quite simple: a checklist. Or rather, in this case, two: a Take Control Checklist and an Integration Checklist.

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Not If, When: Prioritizing Cybersecurity in Your IT Strategy

There are many IT risks a business can and will face. Among them, cybersecurity incidents have the potential to severely diminish customer trust and destroy reputations, and can have profound effects within and outside an organization.

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Pulling the Pin: Top 3 Signs It Might Be Time to Kill the Acquisition

If you’re approaching an M&A activity, or you’ve already done your due diligence, read here for some behaviors you should be aware of–and avoid.

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Get Used to It: Embracing Change at the Leadership Level

Learn about the importance of embracing and communicating change from the leadership level.

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Kicking the Tires: Early Testing in Pre-Merger Planning

A sound, thorough pre-deal diligence process is crucial to M&A success – read on to find out what it should look like.

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Why Objectivity in IT Diagnostics is Critical

Learn about the benefits and prominent areas of IT diagnostics and why objectivity is important in this HighPoint blog post.

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The Key to Creating a Successful IT Strategy? Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Learn more about what a simplified IT strategy looks like – and why simplicity is key to its success.

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