How to Set Up a High-Performing PMO

Assuming a strategic plan is sound, there are many factors that determine the success of a company’s change initiative. Oversight from a Project Management Office (PMO), enables a strong path for success and provide early warnings when a project is derailed and work to help get it back on track.

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National Healthcare Services Group Back-Office Consolidation and Integration

An industry-leading, technology-driven healthcare services organization sought a management consulting partner to accelerate, design, and support the consolidation and integration of several of their back-office operation centers across multiple geographies. Working with the client to first prioritize billing office integration, our team then began to assess the healthcare client’s current and target systems, rollout plan, resources, and project management approach.

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PMO Resourcing the High Performing PMO

Resourcing the High-Performing PMO

For companies in the midst of transformation, a Project Management Offices (PMO) is typically viewed as a necessary expense that should be run as lean as possible. However, we believe a well-run Project Management Office has the power to bring structure, focus, and speed to enterprise-wide change initiatives and process improvements.

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Four Principles for Successful Strategic Planning

An impactful Strategic Plan centers on making strategic choices around a company’s most critical go-forward imperatives, and then aligning its executive team and resourcing around those decisive imperatives.

If your company is contemplating a strategic planning effort, HighPoint Associates recommends four core principles to help sidestep pitfalls and get meaningful value out of the effort.

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