Strategy Support

In preparation for an upcoming board review, a multi-billion dollar global food products company sought assistance in the development of a product segment strategy for a category that cut across multiple business units.

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Go-to-Market Strategy and Pricing Optimization

A high-growth, mid-size online specialty retailer was looking to attack larger competitors and needed to develop a robust go-to-market strategy and pricing structure.

HighPoint deployed a team led by a former BCG Partner with extensive e-commerce experience and a former LEK senior consultant from that firm’s retail practice.

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When Did Boomers Lose Their Cool?

When Disney starts bailing on the Boomers, is it the end of the ride for the generation that used to set the trend for just about everything?

Ditching “The Twilight Zone” for a new “Guardians of the Galaxy” theme on its popular Tower of Terror ride, Disney might not be the first to throw Boomers aside in pursuit of younger, hipper Millennials.

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Flex Capacity

Instead of highlighting an individual project in this month’s Case Study, we want to revisit the concept of Interim Flex Capacity, a category of work that continues to be in strong demand from our client base. A meaningful percentage of HighPoint’s business has come from clients asking for additional “arms & legs” on a short-term, immediate need basis.

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